Hello, I'm back now

Sorry for not posting any photos or anything recently, I’ve been in Sri Lanka for the last month, filming and photographing as part of a project. Some of you may know about Sri Lanka’s bloody civil war which ended three years ago and began in 1983. I travelled to the most effected areas of the country through army checkpoints to find myself in what was basically still a war zone. bullet holes, burnt trees and army troops were all that greeted us in the north. It was hard to see people still living homes peppered with bullet holes and surrounded with bomb craters. However I met some great people in the North, who became good friends, and even let us join them at a couple of ceremonies one being a Hindu fire walking ceremony, which was overwhelming! People were screaming, chanting, fainting, it was almost like a Michael Jackson show. Well anyway i’m back now, with hot showers and no mosquitos, so i’m going to take advantage of the things i’ve missed, then post some irrelevant cool photos from the adventure (then maybe some project photos, but there are some issues about content and what I can actually show that need to be shaken out).